You have your funds 24 hours a day, even on the weekend

For 1 minute you can open / close a bank account for Online Deposit, choosing its maturity and currency

You pay your utility bills free of charge

You perform various types of bank transactions with much lower fees

Self-ordering and payment of bulk files for corporate clients


Internet banking security

Frequently asked questions about the Internet banking service by Investbank JSC.

Registration is completed only by visiting the bank's office, where you sign a Request for Internet Banking. After signing this request you will be provided with a username and password.

With Passive Access, you are given the ability to monitor your account movements and authorizations on available bank cards. You can easily and quickly check the balance of your accounts.

With Active Access you are also given the ability to confirm and order bank transfers. You also have the option to pay your utility bills directly through the platform.

If you forget your Internet Banking password, you can create a new one via the "Forgotten Password" button. There are two methods to create a new password: Via email or via bank card. If you choose "via email" method, you will need to enter the address, which you have provided when you registered for your Internet Banking account in the email address input field. If you are not sure whether you have provided one, then use the "via bank card" method. The system will require you to provide the first 4 and last 4 digits of the card number issued by Investbank. If you have not provided an "email address" and do not have a "bank card" issued by Investbank, then you will need to visit a bank office in person and request a new password.

The Internet Banking platform may be accessed through any browser. Only if you are using a Bank Certificate or Electronic Signature, you will need to use an Internet Explorer browser as your authorization method.

Maximum total daily limit: BGN 200,000.
Maximum transaction limit: BGN 50,000.
Limits are the same for natural and legal persons and can be changed upon explicit request by the customer.

Yes, they can be changed after the customer explicitly completes a "Request" form at the bank's office. You can also make such a request from Internet Banking, via the "Mail" menu, specifying the amount of the limits. If you have more than one account you need to specify for which account you want them to be adjusted.

You can do this check from the menu Reports/Transfers ordered. If your transfer is located in the Ordered Payments table, you have carried out the ordering procedure correctly. You need to monitor the "status" of the transfer. If it is "accounted for", it means that the transfer has been sent successfully. If your transfer is in the Pending Payments table, it means that you have not completed the process of sending this transfer to the bank. If the status shows "saved", it means that you need to confirm it with your authorization method. If its status is "confirmed", then it requires you to press the "execute" button and send it to the bank for execution.

The reason you stopped receiving ITan codes could be the following:

  • The SMS box in your phone is full and the device is not accepting any new SMS. You need to delete some of the available SMS and request a new ITan code.
  • Through the settings you have accidentally disabled receiving SMS from our number.
  • You have recently transferred your phone number to another operator - in this case you need to notify the bank.
  • If you have changed your phone number, you need to visit a bank office and provide your new number.